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All of Canada
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1437 Outlet Drive, Oshawa, ON , L1J 7Z6

Ready to take your Shopify store from drab to dazzling while working only with your dream clients? Then you need Melissa Paterson on your A-team!

In addition to building stand-out websites that are not just fun but highly functional (and even more highly converting), Melissa runs Gurus 4 You, where she helps creatives & coaches learn how to speak to their ideal clients through their online store so that they make sales with ease. Her framework for accomplishing this is laid out inside of her signature course 24 Hours to Launch which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from uncertainty to selling out in just one weekend.

When not glued to her laptop screen and scanning websites, you can find this Canadian girl doing sun-dances in her backyard with her two pups, Garbage and Rockus Aurelius and serving up the perfect Keto-Colada and chilling with her husband, Kyle.

We offer training and building for Shopify store owners as well as coaching for those uncertain about how to pivot and creatively re-infuse their business with the passion to overcome the impacts of COVID-19. We serve a global audience and are ready to bring these efforts and services home to the Durham Region. What do you need help with today?

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